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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

being 17

When i was 10, i imagined being 17 as something awesome, powerful, life-changing.
now i am 17 and i still think like im 10, despite growing up and changing lives.
yeah, when i was 10, there was no way i could have imagined that i will be living in Singapore one day. when i was 10, i could not have thought of the lifestyle im leading now, living in a hostel with 47 other batchmates. In the similar fashion, i would not have known the pressure, the stress, the craziness of being immersed in this kiasu society. And now i've known it all, and its not pretty.

I still wish for the same thing when i was 10. though im not gonna write it here.
despite 7 years that have passed away, nothing much changes.

Whenever i open a new page, ready to begin anew, i always convince myself that this time it will be different. But too bad its not.but all that i can do is just move on with life.

Along the path, many sweet memories are created and etched in my mind.
one would undeniably be my sweet 17th bday party.
although it started out rather disappointing, it ended sweet and memorable.
the most important thing is, all my friends were there.
Everybody willingly celebrate my birthday, with some even preparing video montage and surprise birthday cake.

we played in the water together, well maybe just a few.

These people are the ones who made me survive through those ordeal and trying times.

Thankyou for being there through thick and thin. Thankyou for all the awesome times we had. THankyou for your presence in my birthday and for making it the most beautiful day in my life.
the banner, the book, the video, i will keep them forever with me.


That was the word that can best describe my life right now.
That was the word that i cant wait to shout out loud to the world.
Yet, that was the word that can determine my future.
That was the word that will be etched in my mind for many years to come.
For i have worked hard these 2 years to be able to write, express, and pen about it.
Freedom was what marked the beginning and end of my battle with O levels.

So many things have changed in these past few months. Sadly most are bads.
But after all is said and done, its HOLIDAY!
Bad, awful, and dreary experiences can easily be forgotten when i finally settle for home. Eating my favorite food, watching my long-awaited movies, but most importantly meeting mom and dad.
This holiday also seems to be sooo much fun! i got OFG, Semarang Trip, Bali diving trip, Pulau Tidung Outing, Bandung Stayout, Girls Night Out. Yep, all awesome experiences just waiting to happen.
These few months were undoubtedly tough, could possibly be the toughest of my life. But its good to know that the good days are still ahead of me. Although JC life might seems to be uncertain to the extreme, i believe its a good opportunity to start a fresh page. wish me luck okay.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

a year.

Wow. its been a year since my last post. That's kind of amazing haha. well, I simply could not find any time to blog anymore so pardon the lack of posts. There are simply too many stories to tell about my life in Singapore that everything is indescribable, so to speak.
I guess I can recap a few of it. From the beginning of this year, puncak trip with scholars, hostel games, captain's ball cheering, hostel performance, ecp outing. well, those are the only ones that i could remember.

The fun with friends that I had is something very unique and incomparable to others I can say. Although my friends now are enjoying their high school life, which is truthfully enviable, but I'm also happy with my hostel life. The experience of living with your friends, creating your own family of brothers and sisters, having a group of your own, and being a part of something greater than yourself is simply invaluable.

But despite all the games, events, outings that we had, everything came with a cost. As day passes by, the mounting pressure on us escalates even further, the expectations are raised even higher, and as we walk down this path, it is inevitable to meet a junction up front. Sooner than later, all of us are gonna go our different ways. well, i want to quote the superquote made by my genius friend.

"The paths may be different. The distance may be vast.
But the infathomable depth of our friendship will always last"

Yeah,I certainly hope this friendship, this bond, of 48 people will last longer than ever.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


hey. it has been 6 months since im here in Singapore. I get used to the new lifestyle, whether I like it or not. When i first came here, i thought that life would be fun since I will be living with my friends and could go out every weekend easily. And for the first few months, I did enjoy living here. Although the school was not okay, grades were awful, but the friends that I have here is really fun to be with and I love them. We celebrate birthdays,farewells, celebration and anything together, whether when we are feeling sad, lonely, or happy.

But home will always be irreplaceable. I miss jakarta, I miss bona indah, and I miss my mom and dad, and I miss my friends. Life in Jakarta was so easy, nothing is so stressful. But here, we are living alone. and no matter how fun and exciting life is together with your friends, there is going to be some point where parents is all what you need. Now i am facing that. I miss home so badly. School is so not okay, its not enjoyable even a bit. We are always going to be outsider in that school. Hostel is, nothing. Just the usual routine and activities that you do everyday, nothing changes.

Thankfully,I am going home tomorrow, for the June holiday. I am sooooooooooo excited!!! There are just so many things and foods and place that i miss from Jakarta. Sleepovers, waterboom, dress up, cooking, and i cant possibly do all these things here. Yay, i'm also going to Belitung this June. So stokeeedddd! the beach there is really amazing. That's what I saw from the photos that my dad gave me. This holiday is only for a short while, only for 16 days at most. But i will treasure these days.

Sorry if this post is kind of gloomy and desolate. Its just that now I'm alone in a very silent hostel so I cant help with the atmosphere and the mood. I just hope this holiday can enlighten me again. byyeee

Monday, December 7, 2009

hello and goodbye's

hello everyone. its been forever really since i've updated this blog. and i dont think i can update it anymore especially with the hectic life here and the imposibble mission of being online. maybe when i've got a laptop i can still post. but anyway i'm thinking of abandoning this blog since there has been no post everysince. hello and goodbyee, toodllesss.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Going here and there is never bad for brain.

Last week i went to Puri Mall with scholars (girls) to celebrate monthsary ignatius. We watched UP and played cards aaaalllllll the timmeee. oh yeah, UP is really funny, especially the big nose grandpa, and fatty ass Russel. The story about grandma and grandpa is really sad too.

our 3D-glasses shinee!!
As expected from igna-students, we played cards anywhere anytime. We played BOONG, CAPSA, POLMAL at JCo, starbucks.

yeaaah its really fun playing cards now and then. Especially polmal and boong. We're soo are addicts. Well, cards are the only stuff that can help us get away from crazy ignatius study. Anyway, 4 more weeks until ignatius ends. Please the day come quicklyyy!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

im feeling hungry

this rubrics would be nice haha.

i found this picture on, its full of weird stuff. i found some that seems interesting.

keyboard with populars brand! haha. im surely want one

electronic ruler. it can measure stuff right away and shows the number. well, not really useful, but pretty unique.

robot camera! im not sure this works since its made of domino piece, 9 ball, bottle cap.

im boreeeed and btw im stuck with my physics ignatius homework. i can't do it argghh im really too stupid for this. you know, despite ignatius is boring enough, i really hope i could get along and have fun with the scholars...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

IF i could move back time

infront of canteen

parking lot
benches infront of library

near lourdes court

im missing sanur! i was browsing on my computer and found lots of old photos on my laptop. i'll just share it here!
well, the photos are too random. all i know, its from 74-81-93, every bits of crazy time i spent at santa ursula school ground.

superboring "school"

its only the second week of ignatius study which take hours like school. but i already felt like its never ending. too many homeworks, too hard material (well, maybe im the one who's too stupid), boring class. i miss sanur class! full of laughter, even the teachers are funny at sanur jhs! im counting, its still 6 weeks until ignatius is over. 6 more weeks of boring classes. im head over heels hating this. but despite all that i say, ignatius is still a bit better than spending 2 month straight at home, watching tv, reading, while others go to school.

the only stuff that i expect from this whole scholars program whatsoever are saman dance class and the outbond at lembur pancawati i think. eventhough i only finished the dance class once, its pretty fun. at least i didn't need to use my brain..

oh yeah, im looking forward to sanur OH!

Our Family Gathering 2009!

hey folks! i just got home from Ofg at Puncak and Sentul. IT WAS SUPERB :)
well, for total its 3 days so i will try to tell the story as short as possible.
day 1
pray first at the wihara, then off to Saung Nini. We played soo many outdoor games and it was very fun and funny! mostly about teamwork, and surpisingly the "senior" group wins a lot! then at night we continue with another teamwork game. Even the CEO prepared punishment for the losing team! dance, Me, and my other cousins who are so much older than me (around 3 or 4 year) are in the same room. we played and we laughed till around midnight.

day 2
Early morning, we took group photo, then off to Bukit Khayangan (outbond spot). its super hot, but we played fun games such as spiderweb, blind peoples, bleak river, and many others game i cant remember the name. Then in the evening, continued with the individual games such as high pull, low pull, pampers pull, rappling, flying fox, net climb, elvis rope,commando crawl, and so on. I finished all of it :). Well, except for commando crawl, since it hurts, i jumped before reaching the end and my cousins laughed at me. Anyway, at night we have bonfire, we grilled corn and tapioca. And played some game arranged by my big koko. After the kiddies went to sleep, some of us stayed up continuing with karaoke old love songs mostly, and even hillarious songs such as "aku bukan superstar", "I LOVE YOU bibeh", and many more..

Mommy is being lifted!

day 3
We slept in sleeping bag inside a saung so its not really bad. Then early morning we take off to waterfall. about 45 minutes walk. During our trip there, there's also the "catching fish at "sawah"" competition! gosh its soooo funny! well, i didnt jump in the damp, but watching my dad grabbed and snatched fish from other is soo funny. when we reached the waterfall, i quickly go to the water. ITS FREEZING but so NICE! i could swim also! then we walked until we reached the bottom of the waterfall, and i could feel water 'like slapping my back' until i lose balance. but the water is really refreshing. we spent around 30 minutes there, dry our shirts, and walk back again.

uncle catch a fish!

AFTER THAT FAREWELL. gosh, i want another OFG :))))